Chris Brown’s Latest Homophobic Rant


For The Grapevine's weekly obligatory Chris Brown report:

The troubled singer went after Perez Hilton and Wendy Williams on Twitter, calling them both "buff chicks" for talking about the recent relevation that he "lost his virginity" when he was 8 years old.

Hilton appeared as a guest on The Wendy Williams Show last Friday, where he plenty to say about Brown's opinion that having sex early helped him develop an enviable sexual prowess.

“Chris Brown has a disease. His disease is he has half a brain,” Hilton told Williams. “I really think he has half a brain. It isn't working properly.”

That wasn't very nice, Perez. We are talkin about child rape here, even if Brown doesn't see it that way.


So of course, Brown swiftly took to his go-to Twitter tactic: The good ol' insult-and-delete, in which he keeps his inflammatory tweets up long enough for all of us to grab screenshots. And then he followed up with his trademark insult style, lobbing off weird insults that treat gender and sexuality as if they're the same thing. Pretty gross stuff. He tweeted:

"Thanks for the publicity. Your insecurities are manifested by your hatred. Princess Perez and wicked witch Wendy."


"can't take advice from two buff chicks when one can't stand to look at herself without plastic surgery and the other is forever on his period."

I'm still not sure why Williams caught some of Brown's wrath, too, as she spent the entire segment defending him, including mildly co-signing the idea that Brown would be "larger than life" had it not been for the Rihanna incident.


Oh, and Brown is currently in rehab for anger management. Like, he's there right now.

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