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Chris Brown says he has had it with all the naysayers and “ignorant human beings” who get down and dirty in the comments section of his Instagram page, where they’ve been blasting the pop singer for his shambolic personal life. It’s probably not a pretty sight, especially since reports surfaced last week that Brown is the father of a 9-month-old girl whom he had with a woman who is not his on-again, off-again beau Karrueche Tran.

Brown gave his critics a piece of his mind Monday in an Instagram post of his own that he has since deleted. He described how ultimately he’s winning because everyone is paying attention to his life. He also expressed his concern for the lack of positivity and leadership among youth, and predicted that one day it would be society’s demise.  

Some of you ignorant human beings on there have yet to grasp the concept of your own lives. This is for encouragement for anyone dealing with their own issues. Half of yall pages are private and the others look so damn depressing I understand why u feel like u have the right to say some of the most outrageous thing possible. U don’t have to like me but one thing is for sure… You all are looking though.. That’s the [difference] between leadership and being a cancer to this planet. We have no real leaders or people to join together for great things anymore. At least not the youth… We will one day drown in a pool of our own negativity. Be blessed or be quiet.


Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, hasn’t specifically addressed the news that she’s now a grandmother, but she did send out a few tweets of her own that seem to suggest she’s steering clear of her son’s drama. 

She also seemed to allude to how one should be leery of the people closest to you.


Some believe she sent an indirect message to Tran, telling her that although she may feel compelled to end her relationship with Brown because of how she’ll look to others, she should follow her heart and stick it out with him.


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