Fried Chicken N Chill
Fried Chicken N Chill
Screenshot: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (YouTube )

Raise your hand if you’re the family member with the Netflix account that everyone else asks to log into ‘cause they refuse to spend $8.99 a month for their own subscription. *raises hand* Now raise your hand if you’re the one who’s always asking, so you can get your hand out of my pocket!


Well, if you’re the latter, you can now go bug an entire corporation to get your Tiger King or Self-Made fix. And not just any corporation, but the corporation behind one of the few joys of 2020: the Popeyes chicken sandwich! That’s right, Popeyes is offering its Netflix password to its customers. #TheChickening is still thriving, even as we tackle the coronavirus pandemic and the self-isolation that comes with it.

Social distancing brought on by real-life cancel culture (seriously, everything is canceled and nothing is happening) means we have nothing but time, fam. As always, Netflix has an array of choices to tickle your entertainment fancy.


From the Popeyes press release via our cousins over at The Takeout, “As a brand rooted in southern heritage, Popeyes treats everyone like family. And what do families do? They share streaming service passwords, of course.”

Fried Chicken N Chill / Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (YouTube)

So, how do you get the password? (No, you don’t treat this like your cousin on your mama’s side and harass them on WhatsApp asking for their password.) 

The steps are, as follows:

  1. Post a photo of yourself eating Popeyes on Twitter.
  2. Make sure to use the hashtag, #ThatPasswordFromPopeyes in your Twitter caption.
  3. You must be one of the first 1,000 people to post the photo.

That’s it!

The Takeout further points out:

Popeyes is having a moment right now, and if you’ve read this website with even the slightest of regularity, you know why. Despite that success, and the fact that the fast-food industry seems to be doing okay during the coronavirus pandemic, and the fact that Popeyes reported 35% sales growth in Q4 2019, brands will always keep branding no matter what. So hats off to Popeyes for not running a campaign that accidentally promotes germ-spreading, like some fried chicken chains we know.


The hashtag is already poppin’ so make sure you pop in your best selfie and Tweet them ASAP. As the official tweet announcement notes, “limitations apply.” I mean, we already know Popeyes has proven its prowess in the social media space (which, FYI, the fast-food chicken chain has since parted ways with its previous national ad agency GSD&M).

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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