Terry Crews and Robin Roberts as Jay Z and Beyoncé

It’s Halloween, and whether or not you celebrate the day, you’re bound to get a good laugh when you take a look at the photos posted on Twitter and Instagram. I have to give it to these folks—after a week of seeing dumb people in blackface, it’s refreshing to see that people can actually be creative. Take a look at a few of our favorites below.

There’s nothing like a good collaboration when it comes to a costume. Just look at Good Morning America host Robin Roberts and actor Terry Crews as Jay Z and Beyoncé:


Speaking of Beyoncé, even Blue Ivy got into the Halloween spirit and went as Michael Jackson, while Beyoncé dressed up as his kid sister, Janet Jackson. It would have been perfect if Jay Z had put on a ton of hair grease and motor oil and gone as Jermaine Jackson. Oh. Shade:


And in yet another Bey-and-Jay costume, look at dem babies dressed up as the megastar couple:

Kiddie costumes are always adorable, even when the kids dress up as smelly animals. Just take a look at North West as a skunk:


What if you can’t figure out what to go as? On the one hand, you want to dress up as your favorite TV character on ABC’s Scandal; but on the other, maybe you’d rather be your favorite clergyman? Well, you put them together and go as Olive-a-Pope.


Why not spend Halloween as your favorite cartoon character? Are your ovaries quivering yet?


Seriously, how can you not find this adorable?


Surely Baby Prince is going to need some waterproof pullups:


For the future doctor in your life:


And the future Supreme Court justice in your life:


This kid is going places—possibly outer space:


Maybe they want to make a few plays on the field:


And who says Halloween isn’t for pets? This dog could give Chewbacca a run for his money:


What’s Halloween without throwing shade?


And more shade?


And the king of shade this year proved to be Kermit:


Have a safe Halloween!