#CharlestonShooting Trends as Social Media Reacts to the Terroristic Hate Attack on an SC Church

Charleston Police Department
Charleston Police Department

Let’s just call it what it is as mainstream media finds the nicest ways to describe what happened at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal 9 p.m. Wednesday. Social media has been riled up, and with good reason, for the last several hours as news about the massacre develops.

What have we so far? A deranged white killer is on the loose after sitting in on a prayer service at the historic black church in Charleston, S.C., and then “allegedly” killing nine people. Will the man be taken in alive when he’s eventually found? Will they handle him with kid gloves and make every excuse for what may have caused him to murder innocent people?

Social media has reacted to the shooting and the inherent bias that always occurs when a suspected shooter is a white man.



As the story unfolds, let’s just be frank for a second. This man is a terrorist and committed a hate crime that will now get sugarcoated by mainstream media. Chances are, his family members are concocting every possible excuse as to why this incident happened. But the only excuse any reasonable person should come up with is hatred of black people. 

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