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Rick Kern/WireImage/Getty Images

Marshall, the new movie about the first black U.S. Supreme Court justice, Thurgood Marshall, opens nationwide Friday. Chance the Rapper is eager for everyone to see it, so he bought out all the shows at two Chicago movie theaters, affording fans the opportunity to see the film for free.


Chance announced on his Twitter account that he had bought out all shows at the two movie theaters, and indicated that he might attend one of the showings.


“I bought all the tickets all day to go see Marshall at the movie theatre on 87th and the one on Roosevelt,” the rapper wrote. “Go see Marshall today for free. Come to the one at 3. It’s lit. I don’t usually write my own press releases.”

Chance previously did the same thing when Jordan Peele’s Get Out hit theaters. He’s just that kind of amazing.

In addition to buying out movie theaters so fans can see important movies, Chance will be one of the performers at the inaugural summit for the Obama Foundation.

The Hill reports that the foundation announced Friday that Chance will appear at the Nov. 1 event alongside singer Gloria Estefan “in an event that inspires individuals to see themselves as change agents and celebrates civic engagement.”


In an email sent out by the foundation, Chance said, “I want to help inspire and empower young people to change their world, just like the Obama Foundation. That’s what this summit is all about—bringing together change-makers from around the world to celebrate what we’ve done so far, and recommit to taking on the greatest challenges of our time.”

The event, which is a first for the Obama Foundation, will be livestreamed.

OK, Chance. We see you. Keep doing your thing.

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