Chance the Rapper has big shoes to fill as the chief prankster of new version of ‘Punk’d’ for streaming service Quibi.
Photo: Jordan Strauss (Invision/Associated Press)

Three-time Grammy Award winner Chance the Rapper has been tapped to host a reboot of Punk’dthe hidden-camera, celebrity-driven prank show that was wildly popular in the early aughts.

The new iteration of Punk’d will appear on Quibi, a new streaming service set to debut in April of this year.


On Friday, the streamer promoted the new show in a short teaser released featuring “Hot Girl Summer” rapper Megan Thee Stallion as the unwitting victim of Chance’s shenanigans.

One of MTV’s most iconic franchises, Punk’d originally ran on the network from 2003 to 2007 with host Ashton Kutcher. In its first iteration, the That 70s Show star— who also co-produced the showclowned Beyoncé, Serena Williams, Halle Berry, Missy Elliott, Zac Efron, Britney Spears and wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin, among countless others.

The show returned for one more season in 2012 and later died a fast death on BET with hosts Andrew Bachelor and DeStorm Power.

“I grew up watching this show and it’s surreal to be in the driver’s seat this time around on Quibi,” the 26-year-old rap phenom said, with the announcement of the show.


Quibi, set to launch April 6, is being marketed as a “mobile-first streaming platform,” focusing on short-form content. Hence the name of the app, which is an abbreviation of “quick bites.”

All 20 episodes of the new version of Punk’d are expected to be available on the first day.

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