Doritos® | Chance the Rapper x Backstreet Boys Super Bowl OFFICIAL VIDEO

True life: I love hot chips.

So when I learned Doritos was officially adding the Flamin’ Hot flavor to its medley of choices, I licked my future-Dorito-dusted fingers in anticipation. Mmmm.


Doritos is the GOAT of Super Bowl commercials, rivaled only by Pepsi. In fact, let’s just say a bag of Doritos goes perfectly with a can of Pepsi when it comes to Super Bowl commercials. Deal? Deal.

For 2019, Chance the Rapper teamed up with the Backstreet Boys, the latter of which is really impressing me with their longevity. I heard their new album, DNA, is a bop; it’s on my listen list. I know, I know ... as an original Backstreet Boys stan, I’m late. But charge it to the game, not my heart—which belonged to A.J. (Hey, A.J.!)


Anyway, let’s discuss the video, which apparently has folks upset.

The Doritos Flamin’ Hot campaign’s hashtag is #NowItsHot. And they remixed Backstreet Boys’ biggest hit, “I Want It That Way.” Um, what are you trying to say, shady tortilla chip brand? Because if we were going to make it hotter, Big Freedia should’ve been involved in this, given the sound. *frowns while crunching on new chips*

The Backstreet Boys II Men look good, though. They giving y’all New Edition moves, which I’m sure every ’90s white boy band was inspired by. Chance the Rapper always sounds so adorably constipated and this commercial exemplified it. It’s his thing, I know, but lawd.


I’m copping those new Doritos, though, so mission accomplished. Pray for my fingertips.

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