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Editor’s note: This post contains tweets that some may find offensive.

Solange Knowles is known for a lot of things: being Beyoncé's sister (but don't you dare call her that!), a DJ, entrepreneur, stellar mother, style icon, musical artist and seasoned clapback specialist. Seriously, you cannot come for Solange on the internet because she'll give you a response so perfectly venomous that you'll think you need an antidote.

A few Destiny's Child lyrics come to mind: "No, I'm not gon' diss you on the internet 'cause my momma taught me better than that." Even though I'm so sure Solange's momma (Tina Knowles) taught her better than "that," she can't help letting her biggest critics know that they cannot talk to her any old kinda way. When you come to Solange, you come correct!

Here are nine of her most classic clapbacks to all the internet trolls who think they can try her. (Spoiler alert: There is no mention of that whole elevator thing because I fear the Illuminati.)

1. Solange Despises Unprofessional People

“I have to say, that was not a very professional introduction before. Please don’t tie me into family and my brother-in-law’s establishment,” Solange said on television while promoting her second solo LP, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, after an interviewer mentioned Beyoncé and Jay Z.

2. You Better Let Solange and Her Banana in the Club

Back in 2011, Solange jumped on Twitter (her former favorite way of going in) and told a story of trying to get into a club (with an inflatable banana) in Miami but was denied and even had a gun pulled on her by Miami police. The Miami P.D. has since denied those claims, but that didn't stop Solo from dissing the department on the internet in a series of since-deleted tweets.


3. Don't Come for Beyoncé's Baby

Beyoncé is no stranger to critics. Before, during and after she gave birth to Solange's niece, Blue Ivy, she was faced with her harshest ones to date. Folks claimed that Bey never carried or gave birth to the child, shut down an entire hospital, and more. But Solange wasn't having any of this from the haters. The below series of (since-deleted) tweets was a perfect clapback to all the Beyoncé "truthers."


4. Solange Is Not Your Natural-Hair Role Model

Sure, Solange rocks natural hair, but that doesn't mean she wants you to make her your celebrity guide to unprocessed hair. Lucky for you, the lovely ladies over at Glamazons Blog captured the tweet before Solange deleted it. (Note: I sleep in a satin cap, but I am also not your natural-hair role model.)


5. Solange Is Not Here for Discrim-FRO-nation

Yes, it's luxurious. Yes, it's beautiful. No, you can't touch it. Solange's gorgeous locks are off-limits to those who want to try their luck. While she was going through TSA in Miami, Solange's 'fro was patted down. And of course she went to Twitter and said, "I kid you not. This just happened to me," and tweeted an article about a woman whose 'fro was searched at the airport. She continued with, "Discrim-FRO-nation. My hair is not a storage drawer."


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6. Leave Her Son's Name Out Your Mouth

Last year Solange shared a photo of her son, Julez, on Instagram from Halloween. He was dressed as LL Cool J. And because trolls live on the internet, they saw the photo and commented, "@ing" a friend and calling her son ugly. Solange saw the comment and snapped all the way back.


7. Everybody Wanna Be Black, but No One Wants to Be Black

It's a classic story. Miley Cyrus performs at the MTV Video Music Awards. Miiley appropriates black culture. Black people cringe while watching. Solange reacts.


BuzzFeed screenshot

BuzzFeed screenshot

8. Music Is Very Important

OK, so by now you get it. Solange used to really love expressing herself on Twitter. Now? Not so much. A few months ago she spewed out nine tweets to music critics who didn't know when R&B music became a thing.


 She continued: “Some of these music blogs could actually benefit from hiring people who REALLY understand the culture of R&B to write about R&B. Like you really should know about deep Brandy album cuts before you are giving a ‘grade’ or a ‘score’ to any R&B artists … ivy league credentials don’t give you any insight on ‘grading’ a rappers body of work … when you’ve had no access to the REAL culture.”

9. En français

Solange's son graduated from fifth grade and gave a speech—in French. Haters, hating like they always do, chimed in, asking what was the purpose of his learning the language. This classy response is the stuff dreams are made of.

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What's your favorite Solange clapback?

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