Have you watched season 2 of Dear White People yet? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? This season digs deeper into the issues that black students in a white college face, like subtle and blatant racism, and, honestly, those that a kid in any college might face, like dealing with pregnancy, depression, coming out and more.

(Full Disclosure: The Root was flown to Los Angeles by Netflix to interview the stars and creator of Dear White People 2. And yes, all we did was play a game with them.)

Check out my review of season 2 to see in detail what issue each character faced. And check out the video above to see me completely bomb in ‚ÄúBlebrity‚ÄĚ (Jesse Williams‚Äô black answer to Heads Up!). Seriously, I still don‚Äôt know how I didn‚Äôt get Dexter!