Cardi B Will Be Off the Rip in New Sketch Comedy Series

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While your fave is having temper tantrums on Twitter all day long, Cardi B is out here minding her business and continuing to flourish. After making a stunning post-baby debut on the MTV Video Music Awards Monday night, the new mom is ready to bounce back into her ever-growing stardom, and it looks like she is adding sketch comedy to her resume.


In an interview with Page Six, Wild ‘n Out star Rip Michaels said the rapper will be appearing in his new sketch comedy show, Off the Rip.

Michaels told Page Six, “You’re going to see Cardi B in a whole new light. She’s doing crazy sketches like she has this thing called ‘Ho Etiquette’ where she does this character where she tells how do women to handle their inner ho and how to do a relationship.”


Cardi is said to also appear in sketches called “Real Housewives of Civil Rights” and “How to Treat a Man Wrong.”

“To see Cardi in a comedic light is amazing because she’s way, way funnier,” Michaels said.

“I don’t think people realize how funny Cardi really is. She’s a beast at it,” Michaels told Hollywood Life.

Michaels also said that there is even a spoof of the Cardi B/Nicki Minaj beef in the show.


“When I tell you, Off the Rip, we touch on everything. There is no sacred cows. We touched on Nicki Beef, we touched on 50 Cent, we touched on a whole bunch of people that you just wouldn’t expect us to talk to. We gon’ need bodyguards after this show,” Michaels said.

No word yet on where the show will be aired, but you know I will be tuned in to give you the full scoop.



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“To see Cardi in a comedic light is amazing because she’s way, way funnier,”

I thought she was always in comedy mode?