Cardi B Dropped Her ‘Money’ Music Video. She Did That Shit

Screenshot: Cardi B (YouTube)

Cardi B tried to tell y’all she making money moves. And move she did.

On an otherwise quiet Friday before the holidays, Cardi B shook the internet when she released the NSFW music video for her new single, “Money.”

Directed by Jora Frantzis, the video is an exploration of bad bitchery in exquisite forms.


Between the Beyoncé “Haunted” visuals, the Rihanna “Pour It Up” stripper fanfare and the Lil Kim rap squat, Cardi is serving a tantalizing trifecta. She did say “all my bitches bad,” after all. It’s an ode to women. It’s an ode to her damn self.

“Ten different looks and my looks all kill,” she raps. They sure the fuck do. So many visuals. So appealing to the eye.

The most striking visual comes when she juxtaposes images from her dextrous pole dancing to breastfeeding a child. Shout-out to Kulture. Cardi is here to say she doesn’t give a fuck about your shaming assertions.

She was a stripper. She is a mother. Not mutually exclusive. And the former surely doesn’t say shit about her ability to do the latter.


With the “Money” music video, Cardi is embracing every inch of her femininity and it’s a wonderful sight to see.


According to Fader, Cardi is expected to re-release Invasion of Privacy with bonus tracks, “Money” and “Press” on Jan. 25.

“The plan was always to drop a bonus, but I didn’t think I was gonna be so busy doing back and forth things after giving birth,” Cardi had said in a previous Beats 1 interview with Ebro. “December or January. It’s songs that I think are really good that didn’t make the album.”


We ready, Cardi. So ready.

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