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Back in April, news broke that Cardi B’s former manager Klenord “Shaft” Raphael had filed a $10 million lawsuit against her—claiming, among other things, that he was responsible for her meteoric rise to the top of the charts and that she had repaid his efforts by giving him, well, the shaft as it were. Bartier Cardi has responded in kind and filed a countersuit against Shaft.

TMZ reports that Cardi’s suit, which seeks more than $15 million, was filed on Thursday. In it, she alleges that Shaft set her up on a very one-sided deal in which he got a whopping 20 percent commission. In addition, she says he also tried to get 50 percent of her Sony music publishing deal.


Trying to secure the bag off of her was apparently not enough, as Cardi alleges that Shaft also tried to control aspects of her personal life by putting “barriers between her and people close to her in an effort to maintain complete control over her.” This included telling her “who she should and should not see romantically.”

Nothing but respect for my president and Queen Cardi. I hope she comes out on the right end of all of this legal wrangling.

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