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Cardi B offered an apology to Bernice King on Tuesday afternoon after TMZ released an old comedy sketch in which she plays Coretta Scott King.


Bernice tweeted her thanks to Cardi on her Twitter account, according to USA Today, acknowledging that the Bronx rapper had reached out and apologized for the sketch, which many—including herself and her brother, Martin Luther King III—had found offensive.

She added that she looked forward to talking to Cardi soon.


The parody, which was recorded in 2015 but released by TMZ on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech,” referenced the civil rights leaders’ infidelities, ending with a joke about MLK sleeping with a white woman (“Margaret: the Iggy Azalea of the Civil Rights Movement”). Danielle Young is also featured in the video, in a role she took before joining The Root. In the two-minute sketch, Malcolm X’s wife, Betty Shabazz; Rosa Parks; and Jacqueline Brown, wife of Jesse Jackson, were also given the reality-show treatment.

Interestingly, it isn’t the first time a “Real House Wives of the Civil Rights Movement” skit has been done. Another parody posted on YouTube in 2011 has a nearly identical premise and slate of characters. Robin Thede, host of the recently canceled BET late night program, The Rundown, played Coretta Scott King in the video, with Wayne Brady playing MLK.

This is the second comedy sketch TMZ has released in the past week that features Cardi B; both times, the site implied the videos were recent, crediting them to Wild ‘N Out star Rip Michaels’ new show, Off the Rip.

But while the show may be new, the videos aren’t. One obvious tell: Cardi B had yet to fix her teeth, a procedure she underwent in 2016.


A source close to Cardi B told TMZ that a problematic “Ho Etiquette” sketch, re-released by the site this week, was also recorded several years ago. TMZ later posted a clarification about the “Ho Etiquette” video, which includes a joke about Mexicans, Haitians and Puerto Ricans.

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