President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama
Vine screenshot

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama and the first family attended an exhibition baseball game in Cuba. Although the Tampa Bay, Fla., team beat Cuba’s national team, there were a few highlights going on in the stands.

First, there was the president doing the wave with Cuban President Raúl Castro:

When was the last time you saw that happening? Probably never.

But there was also a moment caught on camera between the president and first lady Michelle Obama. There’s no sound to hear what he said to her, but the little nudge seen could be interpreted in several ways:

President: Come on, Michelle. There’s only eight more innings to go.

First lady: That seems like a lifetime.

President: Please, can I have another hot dog?

First lady: I said no. Stop asking.

President: So what do you think about ditching Washington, D.C., after the term and moving here?

First lady: It’s hot.

President: Why did the chicken cross the road?

First lady: Why?

President: To get to Cuba.

I could go on like this all day, but I won’t. Have at it in the comment section.