Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Black Panther Set to Pass Wonder Woman as Film Continues Box-Office Domination

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So call me a tad dramatic, but I have a feeling I won’t stop talking about Black Panther until next February, and even then, Black Panther 2 might be in the works (hint, hint, Marvel Cinematic Universe), so I’ll just keep on hyping it up.

In the latest this-movie-is-so-awesome-how-have-you-not-seen-it-five-times-yet news, Black Panther has secured its place as the third-biggest MCU movie in North America, earning a solid $8.1 million on its 11th day of release. That figure puts the superhero flick’s 11-day domestic total at $411.7 million, well past Captain America: Civil War, which raked in $408 million in 2016, and Iron Man 3, which secured $409 million in 2013, Forbes notes.

That also means that our favorite supercat is mere dollars away from topping out Wonder Woman, which secured $412.5 million in 2017, and once that clears (which it likely has at this point), Black Panther will be the fifth-biggest comic book superhero movie of all time in unadjusted North American grosses, being beaten out only by The Dark Knight Rises, Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Dark Knight and The Avengers.


That being said, Black Panther is still the biggest nonsequel solo superhero movie of all time [insert Kanye voice], and unless it drops faster than expected (which is unlikely, but whatever), it should begin its third weekend with around $437 million, Forbes predicts, which would secure its place as the 16th-biggest domestic earner of all time.

So what was that about black movies not selling? Please hold while I transfer your call, because Black Panther has shattered and continues to smash every stereotype ever. Now excuse me while I go hunting for action figures and wait for the Blu-ray to be issued so I can finish completing my shrine.

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Kyo Soma A.

I kind of hope it does. Unpopular opinion. WW wasn’t really that great of a movie. There I said it.