Can Billy Dee Williams Save Colt 45? Probably Not

Billy Dee Williams
YouTube Screenshot
Billy Dee Williams
YouTube Screenshot

Remember those old Billy Dee Williams Colt 45 commercials from back in the day? Here was this suave and handsome man trying to get people to drink malt liquor. But in reality, the only people I ever saw drinking it were men standing on the corner with half a bottle sticking out of a brown paper bag. And they never had Billy Dee Williams’ looks. 

With the rise of craft beer and other things better than malt liquor, you’ll be hard-pressed to find people still drinking it—unless they’re the same people still standing on the same corner with their brown paper bags.

But the folks at Colt 45 seem to think they’ll be able to make a comeback with their suave spokesman from a time when the line “Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with” had women saying, “Oh, Billy.”


In a new Colt 45 commercial, Williams declares that change “isn’t always a good thing.” In what looks like a commercial filmed in an Instagram filter, of course it’s apropos to have the ad end with, “It works every time.”

If your goal is to get all the way f—ked up, then sure, it works every time. Go grab yourself a Colt 45, since it has more alcohol volume than a regular beer. But don’t let Billy Dee try to fool you into thinking it tastes great. No. It doesn’t. It tastes like trash. And sure, it may be cheap. But it still tastes like trash. 

I’d really like to know, when was the last time Williams actually had a Colt 45?

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