Quarterback Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers
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Cam Newton is probably tired of answering so many questions over the last couple of days at Super Bowl press conferences. I mean, can you blame him? But there was one question asked Thursday that immediately had him giving the reporter a look of “Are you serious?”

Stu Woo of the Wall Street Journal asked Newton a hard-hitting question. One that maybe people often wondered about when it comes to men and fashion. Or maybe not. “Why are you wearing socks with sandals?” Woo asked.



If there was a GIF that adequately described what was going through Newton’s head, it would probably be this:

Newton, being the forever quick-witted person that he is, looked at the reporter and asked a question of his own. “Why are you wearing jeans with shoes?” Newton responded. And he probably meant dress shoes.

Of course, Woo didn’t have an answer. But for the record, Woo didn’t just pull that question out of thin air; last year he wrote an in-depth article about socks with sandals.


Now, I don’t necessarily agree with wearing socks with sandals. But there’s a time and place for everything.

What I find even more cringe-worthy is when I see men wear dress shoes with jeans. Especially church shoes and jeans. If you’re a man wearing shoes with jeans, I just assume you have a short set in your closet as well, probably from the Steve Harvey line.


I’m sure there’s some reporter somewhere waking up this morning thinking of a crazy question to ask Newton today. And I’m sure he’ll be prepared with an even funnier answer.

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