Calling All Parents: Your Son or Daughter Could be Life Cereal’s New Mikey

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Photo: Courtesy Michelle Williams

For true 70’s and 80’s babies the phrase “He likes It! Hey, Mikey!” is forever etched into your etch-a-sketched minds. The famous ad campaign for Life cereal ran for over a decade starting in 1972, and now, in 2019, The Quaker Oats brand is hoping to find its new iconic Mikey.

Life cereal is launching a nationwide contest search for a brand new Mikey who is “reflective of today’s world”. To help spread the word, famous Mikey’s, including Olympic swimming champ Michael Phelps, and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, are helping to spread the word about the contest which runs through April 27. I’m not convinced that Michelle Williams has ever been referred to as Mikey, but let’s just roll with it for now.


To enter, parents of children between the ages of 4 and 8 (no matter their gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation) can upload a video of their child reading a prepared script to Up to three finalists will be announced in May and win a trip to Los Angeles to join auditions for the ad.

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