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Editor’s note: This post contains social media messages that some may find offensive.

He only wants to be known by his Twitter name @1xfly, basically because he doesn't want crazy white people coming after him. But over the last couple of weeks, "Fly" has amassed a following on Twitter, all because of one thing. He's going around various places in California's Bay Area and hollering, "[F—k] Donald Trump." Of course he's capturing it on his cellphone and posting it to social media. And by doing so, he's become one of the internet's fast-rising viral stars.

"One day I just did it. Something inside me was just, like, go," Fly tells The Root.

And that's pretty much what he's been doing since Sept. 2. From the luxury Gucci store to simple places like Starbucks and Forever 21, Fly is making the point known, in one of the most simple and yet expletive-filled ways, that Trump isn't good for America.


Sure, his tactics may not be for everyone, but in a world of social media where shock value reigns supreme, he's definitely shocking those who happen to share a space where he's giving Trump the middle finger.

"I want people to understand that what this man is doing, what he's doing, is an offense to all of America," the 21-year-old says. "The fact he has the audacity to try to incite violence among demographics, instead of lifting us up and forward in progression as a country, is tearing us down and moving us backwards."


In Fly's videos, the reactions of people vary from being shocked to not even paying him any attention. There was only one time a man tried to push him out of a cafe, but on the flip side, Forever21 allowed him to stand on its counters.


So whether it's at his local Denny's:

Or Applebees:


Looking at fancy lingerie at Victoria's Secret:

Interrupting people as they dip into the guacamole:


At the grocery store:

Or making his way through the airport:


Or on a crowded plane:

Fly only has one goal in mind: to make people realize, in his own special way, that Trump is deplorable.