BuzzFeed’s ‘27 Questions Black People Have for Black People’ Failed 27 Times

YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot

Let’s talk about this BuzzFeed video “27 Questions Black People Have for Black People.”


Take a look at it first. 

Marinate on it for a bit.


Now ask yourself: Who was the target audience for this hot mess of a video?

There are black people who work at BuzzFeed. Hell, some of them were probably included in the making of this video. But did no one stop for a second and ask themselves what was the point of it all? 


I’m not sure about you, but no black person in my circle would be caught dead asking, or even thinking, these ridiculous questions about other black people. Did Raven-Symoné or Stacey Dash produce this video? Because that’s the only explanation I have.

I’m not the only one questioning the video. Social media took issue with it, too, and created the quite apropos hashtag #BuzzFeedVideoQuestions:

I went ahead and made my own list:

27 Questions for Those Black People in the “27 Questions” Video

1.  Why?
2.  Why?
3.  Why?
4.  How much did you get paid?
5.  How much did you get paid?
6.  Was it worth it?
7.  Was it worth it?
8.  Are you the token black friend?
9.  Do you hate yourself?
10. Are you related to Raven-Symoné?
11. Or Stacey Dash?
12. Or Rachel Dolezal?
13. Do you have black friends?
14. You got paid how much?
15. Did you read that hashtag?
16. What were you thinking?
17. Why?
18. How?
19. Huh?
20. Really?
21. So you thought this was a good idea?
22. You have regrets now, don’t you?
23. Did Raven-Symoné ask for this?
24. I’m running out of questions.
25. Can y’all really be this dense?
26. Bet you wish you said no now, right?
27. Are we supposed to laugh at you or cry? 


It seems as though black people, especially those under the gaze of white media, don’t have a problem making fools out of themselves—for the sake of some page views.

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