Breaking News: Chris Brown Is Upset Again

Chris Brown/Twitter
Chris Brown/Twitter

(The Root) — Among the biggest news stories of the day is Chris Brown's 500th Twitter tantrum, which began sometime last night and is still occurring in random spurts throughout the day.

Last night, a thing happened and Brown took to Twitter to paint the Internet with his profanity-laced feelings, of which he has many. He dedicated tweets to all of the distressing things going on in his life, from some rap things to some fashion stuff to some legal matters. He also took a few moments to rant about "hoes" because if there's one thing the Internet needs more of, it's slut shaming.

Join us next week when Chris Brown gets upset because it's Tuesday.

(We'd tell you why he's really upset, but seriously, it's hard to tell or keep track anymore. And we're not shaming Brown for having feelings, but his handlers really should give him a more productive way of working through them, given his particular set of circumstances. Tweeting about his "hands working just fine" may not be the best move from a public relations standpoint.)


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