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Blind Rapper Ethers Donald Trump on NYC Train


An anonymous New York City rapper has gone viral after dropping some bars about Donald Trump during a train ride. With Fat Joe’s “All the Way Up” instrumental as his music playing from his cellphone, the rapper had a lot to say about Trump.


“Your plan for the wall is stupid to say the least/Stupid people love when you put it into a speech,” he raps. “But when they don’t know is, really in the end/When you lockin’ people out, you also lockin’ em in/And that’s like sittin’ in prison without a crime/Like needin’ a dollar when you ain’t got a dime/Like havin’ a degree for a job you can’t find/Sorta like the university you had one time.”


And then he goes even further: “And to make matters worse you stole money from veterans/We don’t want a dummy representin’ Americans/Your crazy rhetoric is separatin’ the citizens/You sound like you want Jim Crow to begin again/So middle finger everything you say/Especially if you wear a toupee.”

I’m going to need this to be the new anti-Trump anthem. Crazy how we went from “My President Is Black” to talking about our current president’s steaks killing immigrants.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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Where are my keys?

the Trump Steaks line got me 😂😂😂😂 right outta the gate