#BlackExcellence: Louisiana High School Becomes Viral Sensation After Posting Videos of Ivy League Acceptance Reactions

James Dennis, a 16-year-old graduating from TM Landry College Preparatory, nervously checks his application status with Yale as classmates watch on. (TM Landry College Prep via Facebook)

One Louisiana high school has captured the hearts (and gathered the joyful tears) of the entire internet after it started posting up reaction videos of its students being accepted into top-ranked colleges.

Talk about prime #BlackGirlMagic, #BlackBoyJoy and overall just #BlackExcellence.


The series started last Tuesday, when TM Landry College Preparatory, a private high school in Breaux Bridge, shared a video of 16-year-old Ayrton Little being surrounded by classmates as he nervously checks to see if he got accepted to Harvard.

Spoiler alert: He did. And the reaction was magnificent. Ecstatic students surrounded Ayrton as he jumped up and down.

Ayrton told the Huffington Post that Harvard has always been his dream school and he wanted to study math and computer science before eventually finding a job on Wall Street “with the intention of opening a nonprofit to help children from my community get to the position that I’m currently in.”

Such an amazing young man. But apparently that’s just how they do it at TM Landry because the school was just getting started.


By Thursday the school shared a video of graduating senior Kayla Amos being accepted to Columbia University. Kayla, overcome with emotion, holds her hands over her face as her classmates jump up and down and cheer her on.

But wait, there’s still more!

Ayrton isn’t the only one in his family playing in the big leagues. His brother, Alexander Little, was accepted into Stanford University on Friday, with TM Landry posting that video, too.

Same beautiful reaction. Ayrton was there and grabbed his brother, wrapping him in a big hug as students gathered around.


Honestly, currently, TM Landry’s Facebook page is the Christmas gift the world both needs and deserves, especially after the year we’ve been having, so just do yourself a favor, get a box of tissue papers, and prepare to laugh and cry until your mouth hurts as you watch the beautiful reactions of these successful and amazing kids.

Here are a few to get you started:

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