Black Twitter Strikes Again With ‘Celebrities Only Black People Know’

Clifton Powell
Joe Corrigan/Getty Images
Clifton Powell
Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

Denzel Washington. Samuel L. Jackson. Halle Berry. These names and faces are all too familiar with mainstream Hollywood. But what about Loretta Devine, Clifton Powell, Roger Guenveur Smith and both of the “Aunt Vivs” from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

These are just some of the faces that are familiar in the world of black pop culture, but maybe not so much in others. And just in time for sitting around with the family on Thanksgiving and watching old movies, Twitter user @AyyThereDelilah created the hashtag #CelebritiesOnlyBlackPeopleKnow, and it took social media by storm.

Take a look at few of the greats (mine included):

Imagine my disappointment when someone had no clue who these people were. Seriously, you need to get your black card revoked:


And then there was this:

I truly hope she was joking.

And finally, the tweet that started it all:

Honestly, I only know 2 out of 4 of these people. And I’m OK with that because I know everyone’s name from The Five Heartbeats. None of which is “Smokey Robinson.”

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