Black Twitter Roasts Chris Paul’s New Shoes

Steven Dykes/Getty Images

What are those? You would think that sneaker designers would have learned their lesson after social media erupted into a weeklong impromptu roast last year when Under Armour released the Steph Curry Twos (my favorite name was the “Let Me Speak to Your Manager 5s”).

Nah, bruh. The black Twitter sneaker-roasting session has resumed—this time over Chris Paul’s latest offering from brand Jordan.


When the internetseseses caught sight of CP3’s third-shift Waffle House-cook-inspired playoff kicks, everybody went in on them:


Of course, they brought out current news references to drag through the mud what looks like sensible footwear for a mall security guard:


And this one pic might tell the entire story of how Kendall Jenner ended that protest:


Thank God for black Twitter.

I would post more, but I need to run to the store to grab my uncle a pack of Newport 100s, a bag of pork skins and the new Chris Paul Jordans.

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