Black Twitter Responds to Shady Forbes Tweet During Venus and Serena Match

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Forbes’ tweet 
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Black Twitter let out a collective "You tried it" directed at Forbes magazine Tuesday night. 

You would think that much of that evening's chatter about sports would have been about Venus and Serena Williams' tennis match that was taking place at the U.S. Open. And if a news organization was going to tweet about a tennis athlete during that time, it would have been about one of the Williams sisters.


But, oh no. Forbes magazine tweeted about Serena Williams' archrival, Maria Sharapova. Matter of fact, scratch that, not archrival, because Williams has whipped Sharapova's butt the last 17 times they've competed on the tennis court. Forbes wanted to remind everyone that Sharapova is one of the world's most marketable female athletes, and it got folks thinking that the timing was no coincidence.

For some, the tweet stung, because there's the idea that the media's (and advertisers') love obsession with Sharapova is because she's the perfect tennis athlete based on European standards of beauty: being a tall, slender blonde. Meanwhile, Serena Williams is far more talented and successful and a better tennis player all around. But Serena Williams' blackness doesn't allow her to have the mass appeal afforded to Sharapova. People on Forbes' editorial team had to have been privy to those conversations. 

If they weren't, black Twitter reminded them, and proceeded to drag Forbes for the shade (however intentional or unintentional) thrown the Williams sisters' way.


Tensions are high, and black Twitter is not having anyone mess with its darling, Serena Williams, who's on a path toward making history, yet again.  

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