Black Twitter Has Questions About SZA’s ‘The Weekend’ Video

It’s sometimes disappointing when you have a favorite song off an album and construct the visuals in your head for the music video, but when the video premieres, you’re left disappointed and wondering “WTF?” And those are the exact sentiments many people on social media are sharing after watching the Solange-directed video for SZA’s new video, “The Weekend.”


The song, which talks about being a side chick, would probably conjure up visuals that include just that: scenes of the dude in question trying to juggle two women. But what you get instead is SZA “dancing” in a mall’s parking deck and on the balcony of a bland building.

But the tweets about the video are Twitter gold:


In the words of that dude from Kanye West’s “Niggas in Paris”: “No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative” ... or at least attempting to be.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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