Black Twitter Drags Forever 21 for Selling Bootleg Kanye Gear

Timothy A Clary/Getty Images

No one knows what the designers at Forever 21 were thinking when they tried to slip clothes that were obviously “inspired” by (pronounced “sto-lenn frumm”) Kanye West onto their website, but they should have known that the folks on black Twitter don’t sleep. When the fashion retailer updated its collection with what looked like swap meet Yeezy, the Louis Vuitton Don’s fans jumped on the case.


Because in the melanin section of the internet, biting is a crime worthy of being burned at the stake ... or at least Twitter-roasted, and the justice came swiftly. And, of course, along with receipts, they brought memes:


Come on, Forever 21! That’s so evil, I bet they called the fashion line “the Life of Diablo!” I’m sure that when Kanye’s lawyer contacted the culture vultures, they acted like:


To be fair, maybe the people at Forever 21 aren’t swagger jackers. Maybe the executives just assumed they could do to Yeezus what they did to jazz, funk, R&B, rock ’n’ roll and the entire hip-hop culture—or, as one tweet said so perfectly:

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