Black Twitter Celebrates Independence Day -- Mostly


(The Root) — Almost everybody knows at least one militant black person who is anti-Independence Day and makes it very difficult for you to enjoy your plate of barbecue in peace. There's no scarcity of such folks on Twitter; every year I brace myself for all the "I'M NOT CELEBRATING AMERIKKKA'S INDEPENENCE DAY FOR MY PEOPLE ARE NOT TRULY FREE" tweets, and they always come.

But there are still black folks out there who are down for waving Old Glory around, or are at least willing to put aside their politics long enough to enjoy a rib or two. Celebrating or not, Twitter is buzzing about the 4th — it's been a top hashtag on The Chatterati all day. Here's what folks are saying.


Idk about yall but clearly my ancestors were still in bondage so i dont but so much celebrate…

— LALA (@MindOnMyMula_) July 4, 2013


Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.

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