Black Panther Wraps Up 1st Month With $605 Million Domestic Total, Making It the 7th Film to Cross $600 Million Mark

Illustration for article titled iBlack Panther /iWraps Up 1st Month With $605 Million Domestic Total, Making It the 7th Film to Cross $600 Million Mark
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Black Panther continues to be the best thing to ever grace the big screen, rounding out the end of the month by topping the weekend box office for the fifth-straight weekend.

According to Forbes, that officially makes Black Panther the first movie since Avatar (2010) to top the weekend box office for five straight weekends.

Having earned another $27 million in its third domestic weekend, Black Panther rakes in a 31-day domestic total of $605.4 million, making it the seventh film ever to cross the $600 million mark, ranking only behind Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($619 million), The Avengers ($623 million), Jurassic World ($652 million), Titanic ($658 million), Avatar ($760 million) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($937 million).


Black Panther is also currently the second-fastest-grossing movie of all time, ranking only behind The Force Awakens, which made $840 million its first month.

Forbes predicts that Black Panther will likely easily slide pass the $623 million domestic total of The Avengers at some point by the end of next weekend, which will then make Black Panther the fifth-biggest domestic grosser and the biggest superhero flick of all time.

Iconic. Legendary. And unstoppable.

Of course, next month’s anticipated Avengers: Infinity War may have a shot at disrupting Black Panther’s current pace, but considering that I pretty much look at Infinity War as Black Panther 1.5: Battleground Wakanda, it’s all the same to me, really. We all know we’re only hype about Infinity War because we know the whole Black Panther crew is going to be there representing (OK, fine, I’ll also give the current badass depiction of Thanos some credit as well, but I said what I said, even if it is disingenuous).

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The wife and I finally (Don’t judge.) saw BP at the theater this weekend. We took special pleasure hoping that our purchases would keep Tomb Raider out of the top spot this weekend. Yes, we were that petty! We were especially annoyed that all the larger and D-box seat equipped theaters were reassigned to Tomb Raider. We hoped they got reassigned back to BP the following weekend.