Black Panther Advance Ticket Sales Already Making an Impact


If you haven’t heard, there’s this little movie called Black Panther that’s being released next month. Oh, you’ve heard about it? Well, did you know that, as of this week, you could purchase advance tickets just so you won’t end up empty-handed on Feb. 16, when Black Panther opens?


With the advance ticket sales in action, Black Panther is already kicking ass on Fandango, where it’s outselling Captain America: Civil War, and it’s now the movie-ticket site’s top-selling MCU title in the first 24 hours of presales, according to Deadline.

Last summer, Captain America: Civil War made $179 million during the first weekend of May, and although Black Panther is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, Deadline doesn’t seem to think it’ll beat Civil War’s numbers. Apparently the folks at Deadline don’t have any black friends because if they did, they’d realize there are parties and events being organized around Black Panther’s premiere.


Personally, I know people who are planning their outfits and even going to several viewings of the movie. Deadline may be underestimating the power of black people and their excitement over Black Panther.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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I will be seeing it three times that weekend...

Coughing up the IMAX ticket price for Thursday...

An early morning showing with the old folks Saturday AM so I can make sure I heard everything..

And one more Saturday Night Showing with the Black Family on Saturday Night so I can completely enjoy the foolishness and excitement of everyone else.