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Black-ish: Girlfriends Reunite to Talk Intersectional Feminism. Also, a Girlfriends Character Was Originally White?

(L-R): Jill Marie Jones, Golden Brooks, Tracee Ellis Ross and Persia White in “Feminisn’t” episode of Black-ish
(L-R): Jill Marie Jones, Golden Brooks, Tracee Ellis Ross and Persia White in “Feminisn’t” episode of Black-ish
Screenshot: ABC (YouTube )

Girlfriends are there through thick and thin—and sometimes even reunite on a successful primetime television show on ABC!


On Tuesday, the much-anticipated Girlfriends reunion debuted on Black-ish’s third episode of the comedy’s sixth season and the topic was feminism. The episode was aptly titled, “Feminisn’t.” In the episode, Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) realizes her women’s activism is totally whitewashed, so she enlists some “black-up” in the form of her three girlfriends, portrayed by Golden Brooks, Persia White and Jill Marie Jones. Yep, that’s right, Joan, Toni, Maya and Lynn are back together!

Black-ish Season 6 Girlfriends Reunion Featurette / ABC (YouTube)

Okay, well, it’s not quite canon (Ross isn’t Joan, she’s Bow), but there were definitely Girlfriends references sprinkled throughout the episode. Plus, there was a delightful William (Reggie Hayes) cameo at the end!


The episode itself explored white feminist blind spots (i.e. #solidarityisforwhitewomen) and black women’s reluctance to refer to themselves as feminists (with Marsai Martin’s Diane and Jenifer Lewis’ Ruby) since “feminism is for white women.” Plus, the intersection conversation didn’t stop at gender, as the episode also touched on Dre’s (Anthony Anderson) antiquated ideas about women and his eventual revelation that “men are the white people of gender” (I can hear Damon Young saying, “You’re welcome and shit” right now).

As Girlfriends was canceled in 2008, the 2019 reunion was pretty epic and naturally ignited a nostalgic spark in fans. Perhaps there’s a chance for a reviving of the beloved series? Well, Ross hinted at the possibility.

“Well, here’s what I’ll say. [The hashtag] #GirlfriendsNow is what we decided that we’re going to use and we’re going to try and see what happens,” Ross recently told Clarkisha Kent of Entertainment Weekly. “This is an opportunity for people to speak up for the final time and actually band together and make this happen.”


And since we’re on the topic of revisiting Girlfriends, let’s take it all the way back to the pilot. And I mean, the originally taped pilot. Did y’all know there were two different actresses originally portraying Lynn and Toni. And the woman playing Lynn was basically a Great Value Rachel from Friends?!


That’s right, Christina Cox and Leslie Silva were originally cast as Lynn and Toni, respectively. The pilot never aired, but the two are credited on IMDb so the revelation is legit! Yeah, that would’ve been an entirely different show. Glad we got what we got.


Black-ish airs Tuesdays on ABC at 9:30 p.m. ET.

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White women had Sex In The City. Black women needed their own shit for the reasons listed in this piece and the episode itself. The reality & issues that black women deal with aren’t even on the same planet as what white women encounter. Hell they don’t even agree on how to handle matters the same. Good to see them back together. The time may be right for a Girlfriends reboot as white women are determined to show their asses again in 2020 and they need to be checked.