Brian Killian/Getty Images
Brian Killian/Getty Images

Some people thought that Hillary Clinton’s recent appearance at the Black Girls Rock! awards show was yet another example of her pandering for the black vote, but the organization’s founder says that the Democratic presidential candidate is sincere when it comes to supporting black women.


“I can’t speak for other places and spaces she’s been to, but I think she sincerely wanted to be a part of what we were doing with Black Girls Rock!,” Beverly Bond told the Huffington Post. “She’s also a very good friend of the [BET] network president, and she has a lot of women of color who are supportive of her and that are in her Cabinet and that work with her.”

During Clinton’s appearance on the show, which aired on BET, she spoke about systematic racism and discrimination that black women commonly face, but from the looks coming from the crowd, many of the black women in attendance wanted no part of Clinton.

I mean, look at those faces.

Clinton did receive a standing ovation after her speech, but who says people weren’t just trying to be polite?

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