Aleeyah405 (right) and the punched girl

There’s the saying, “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” but one Twitter user felt it was her right to put a white girl in check after she called her “n—ga.” 

A Twitter user using the handle Aleeyah405, from Oklahoma, uploaded a video of her confrontation with an unnamed girl. According to a series of tweets, Aleeyah405 says the girl had previously threatened to blow her head off.


During the confrontation, the white girl called Aleeyah405 the n-word—and the rest is now viral history:

Since black Twitter has a way of making fun of everything, Aleeyah405’s punch has been memorialized into a meme.


Aleeyah405 handled the situation how she saw fit, and it’ll probably go down as one of black Twitter’s most memorable memes this year.

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