Donald Trump will retweet just about anything if it shows support for him. Trump doesn’t even take the time to see whether the tweet is genuine or not, or if the account it’s coming from is that of a troll. And one black family is quite upset that its photo was used to support Trump’s misguided and racist agenda.

Take a look at the tweet Trump retweeted below:


The tweet insinuates that the family are Trump supporters, but there are a couple of things wrong with the photo.

First, the image was found by Googling “black family”; and second, in an interview with BuzzFeed, the family said they’re not Trump supporters.

Eddie Perry, the father in the photo, told BuzzFeed News that the photo was taken at a Midwest Black Family Reunion event. When the tweet went out Saturday, a friend texted him a screenshot, and he knew immediately what it was.


“When I saw it, I immediately knew it was political propaganda,” Perry told BuzzFeed.

The user behind the Twitter account isn’t new to trolling on the social media network. @Don_Vito_08 shared a photo last year and compared Melania Trump with Heidi Cruz, and, of course, Trump retweeted it.

So how does the Perry family feel about being used as political pawns?

“I’m not saying there aren’t black families who endorse Trump,” Perry said, “however, this black family didn’t endorse anyone.”


And this is what happens when a clown is allowed access to social media (and the presidential race).