‘Black Card Revoked’ Is the Game Every Black Family Needs Right Now

Black Card Revoked
Cards For All People

Has anyone ever tried to take your "black card" away when you didn't know certain black pop-culture facts?

For example, a co-worker recently told me she's never watched The Five Heartbeats. I know someone else who's never seen The Color Purple. Never had red Kool-Aid? Come on, son?!

One company has made an interesting and fun way to revoke someone's black card, and it's bound to become a hit during family gatherings.

Latesha Williams' company, Cards for All People, created Black Card Revoked, which tests your knowledge on all things black culture, including entertainment. Williams' goal was to create a way to disrupt spades and bid whist, and it looks like it was a success.

"We had been toying with game ideas for a while, but the hashtags that popped up around Rachel Dolezal brought it to the forefront. That moment and moments like it [e.g., #CookoutNewsNetwork, #CelebritiesOnlyBlackPeopleKnow, #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies] brought a light to the shared experiences that every cultural group has. Black Card Revoked is the culmination of the black Twitter illumination," Williams told The Root.


There was a lot of research and development involved in creating the game, according to Williams. "We argue, vote, argue some more, and then finally test cards out on friends and family. Fine-tuning games is important to us; we always want to love what we put out," she stated.

With questions like, "How long does a Baptist church service last on Sunday?" the game definitely touches on a variety of black experiences. But it also definitely doesn't mean the questions aren't relatable by other people. 


Take a look at Williams and her crew in action below and purchase the game by visiting their site, here.

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