Black Ass Game: Tracee Ellis Ross Wants to Hit The High Note With Rihanna

Much like the night she debuted her first-ever single to promote her upcoming movie The High Note, Tracee Ellis Ross was pretty nervous to play our ever-popular Black Ass Game.

“Okay, I hope I can play this game!” Tracee laughed.

What we did is we recited a lyric from a song featuring singers who sung “high notes” of their own and Tracee had to guess the song and singer. From Whitney Houston to Minnie Ripperton, Tracee really didn’t have anything to be nervous about because she did the damn thing!


When we asked Tracee who’d be her ideal duet pick, she picked Rihanna, of course! Actually, let’s be real—Tracee is down to do anything with Rih, whether it’s dinner, lunch or swimming! we get an invite to that party? Because we are here for that.


Get into our video above! It’ll certainly make you smile, which is sorely needed these days.

The High Note releases On Demand on May 29.

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