Bill Cosby Team Releases Statement From Woman Saying Accuser Devised a Plan to Sue

Andrea Constand (Mark Makela/Getty Images)
Andrea Constand (Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Bill Cosby’s representative Andrew Wyatt released a statement from a Temple University official that alleges Cosby’s accuser, Andrea Constand, came forward with sexual assault and drugging allegations so that she could sue, make money and start a business.

On Tuesday, after the court day wrapped up, the statement from Marguerite Jackson was read, but it was not allowed to be submitted in court, according to CBS News.

In the statement, Jackson said Constand did tell her that she was drugged and sexually assaulted shortly after the 2004 incident, but then told her it didn’t happen. She went on to say that Constand said she’d make up accusations to win a lawsuit and use the money to go to school and open a business.


A judge had ruled earlier that Jackson would not be able to testify because her statement would be considered hearsay. Constand’s attorney, Dolores Troiani, stated that she didn’t even know the woman.

“You do not try your case on the courthouse steps,” Troiani said. “The statement was not accurate. It is not correct, and I can see only one purpose for him coming here to do that, and that is to defame our client, and that is the goal of Mr. Cosby and his publicist.”

The jury failed to reach a verdict Tuesday in Cosby’s case and will continue deliberating Wednesday morning. Cosby faces up to 10 years in prison on each of the three counts if convicted.

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So 50 plus women independently came up with the drugging story, or this is a long going con perpetrated by numerous women to get money and destroy Cosby’s irrelevant ass. It doesn’t make much sense either way.