Bill Cosby Accused of Sexual Assault by 3 New Women

A woman identified only as “Kacey” shares her story about Bill Cosby during a news conference Jan. 7, 2015.                
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Three new women have come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault. During a press conference on Wednesday with attorney Gloria Allred, the women shared similar stories of having their drinks spiked and being assaulted.

According to the New York Daily News, the incidents occurred in the early 1980s and the 1990s. One woman, who was a former assistant to Cosby’s agent at William Morris, claimed she was drugged at the Bel Air hotel. Only going by her first name, Kacey, the woman said that she thought of Cosby as a father figure but that things took a wrong turn when Cosby invited her to his home to read a script for a possible role on The Cosby Show.


"Each time it came to the 'kiss,' I did not want to participate," she said. "He was insistent, with him pressing his body against mine and coming in for the kiss."

During another meeting, Kacey said, Cosby insisted that she take a pill so she could be more relaxed.


"I declined several times, but he kept insisting, so finally I ingested it. He insisted that I open my mouth and lift my tongue to make sure that I swallowed it," she said. "Next, I remember waking up in a bed with Mr. Cosby naked beneath his open robe."

Another alleged victim, Linda Kirkpatrick, was 25 in 1981 and played against Cosby in a Las Vegas tennis tournament. Kirkpatrick was then invited to his comedy show. She said she was served a drink by Cosby and could only finish half of it because it tasted terrible. Kirkpatrick then alleged that she blacked out during the show and woke up in his dressing room alone.


"I was lying down. Cosby was on top of me, kissing me forcefully," she claimed.

Kirkpatrick claimed that Cosby called to apologize and said he would make it up to her, and she accepted. But then, she said, he attacked her again, this time while playing backgammon in his room. "He caught me off guard, went after me again, grabbed me from the front, locked me in an aggressive hug, with his arms wrapped around my back, and forcefully tried to kiss me," she said. "He held [me] so tightly against his body that it was obvious he was sexually aroused."


The last alleged victim at the press conference, Lynn Neal, said she met Cosby while working at a health club in Las Vegas when she was in her 20s. Neal said Cosby took her to a restaurant after she attended one of his shows. She was given a shot of vodka but wasn't allowed to eat.

"By the time we walked back to his dressing room, I was having problems walking," she said. "When we entered the dressing room, I sat on the couch and he started taking my pants down. I said, 'What are you doing? Stop!' But he didn't, and I was weak," she alleged.


"He told me to calm down, he wasn't going to hurt me, and then he started having sex with me," she said. "[He] was talking about how an orgasm is like a thermostat, building pressure." Neal said she had to struggle to get down the hallway when she left the hotel. 

Allred, who has previously held press conferences with other alleged Cosby victims, praised the women for coming forward and telling their stories and also slammed Phylicia Rashad for comments showing support for Bill Cosby.


"If anyone did to you, or to your daughter, or to your sister or to your mother, what Cosby has alleged to have done to these woman, I have no doubt you would not be saying 'forget these women.' Instead you would be supporting them," Allred stated.

On Wednesday, during an interview, Rashad claimed that she never made the "forget these women" comment. 


"I am a woman. I would never say such a thing. I would never think such a thing," she said. "My message is, what happens to a nation in which people knowingly and willfully disavow the tenets that describe the nation? … This is not about the women. This is about something else. This is about the obliteration of a legacy."

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