Bigger Is Better With a Season 2 Pickup, and You Should Be Watching It On BET+

Bigger (2019)
Bigger (2019)
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You know that moment when you walk out of an experience and realize you’re still smiling much, much later? That’s the effect Bigger had on me.


What is Bigger?

BET can answer that, via their official press release:

Season one of Bigger follows Layne, a single-black-woman and her close-knit group of 30-somethings as they navigate love, friendships, career ambitions, and the journey to getting BIGGER, together. When a college acquaintance suddenly dies, the group is forced to take a deeper look at their messy lives, while asking themselves— is this it or is there something bigger and better?

The series stars Tanisha Long (playing Layne Roberts), Angell Conwell (Veronica Yates), Rasheda Crockett (Tracey Davis), Chase Anthony (Deon Lewis), and Tristen Winger (Vince Carpenter).

A little background sprinkled with some transparency—I’ve been meaning to sit my ass down and watch this show for a minute now. All of the people I respect told me I need to watch it because I would dig it. But, of course, being an Entertainment Writer means gallivanting around Hollyweird (and other parts of the country) covering all aspects of entertainment—film, music, tv, social media... it’s a whirlwind! And since I suspected this would be a show I would eventually cover, I wanted to give it the proper space and time to digest it.

I finally snuck some time around the holiday to binge and what a delightful binge it was! I immediately wanted to write and tell everyone about it! But, as the holidays came and went, awards season took its place and, thus, more of my time. Like other fans using the #BiggerOnBET hashtag, I kept awaiting news of a Season 2 pickup, especially after BET+ quickly announced renewals of its other shows, such as First Wives Club and The Family Business. I kept wondering, had Bigger been forgotten? Did I wait too long to add to the conversation about a great show?

And then something dope happened. On Tuesday, BET+ announced it would be renewing Bigger for a second season!


“I’m so proud of this show! And I can’t wait for new audiences to follow the shenanigans of this wild and crazy group of Black 30-somethings. Buckle up for Season 2,” executive producer Will Packer said in a statement.


“We are excited and proud to bring the Bigger squad back for another run. Will and Felischa have been tremendous partners and we can’t wait to dive deeper into the hilarious and complicated lives of Layne and her group of friends,” Devin Griffin, General Manager, BET+, said in a statement. “Our commitment to premium content continues with this series. Fans embraced the show because it’s real and fresh, and provides a new way for Black viewers to see themselves in original Black stories on screen.”

So, I’m hooked. And though my black ass was on Colored People Time, I’m going to give those of you who haven’t hopped on the Bigger train yet three reasons why you need to catch up on the first season before its second season premieres. You ready? Here it go:

The Creator Is A Talented Black Woman 

Her name was mentioned above, but I’m going to say it again: Felischa Marye. I want that name to be ingrained in your mind because I promise you’re going to be seeing it more often in the future. No, I don’t have insider knowledge about any of her future ventures, I just have a gut feeling. Hailing from 13 Reasons Why, Marye grasped a universal concept of “wanting bigger than what you have or who you are” and turned it into such a uniquely witty and fun ride.


The Cast Is Lovable As Fuck

Actress Long fully extends herself into the adorably goofy Layne and the chemistry between her and castmates Conwell, Crockett, Anthony and Winger is fire hot. Speaking of Winger, I specifically used the term “lovable” thinking of him. Not just because I’ve adored him since the Awkward Black Girl days or how awesome he is as Thug Yoda in Insecure, but because of an Instagram video in September 2019.


In the video, Winger opened up about the raw rollercoaster grind of a working actor. The video shows Winger getting the call confirming that he’d been cast in Bigger. At the time, I had no idea what Bigger was or if I would even remember the project months after seeing the video. But, what I do remember (and will always remember) is the way I felt when I saw him break down and cry in his car. Why? Because I cried, too.


It Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously, Yet Explores Serious Themes In A Heartfelt Way

Bigger is lighthearted, whimsical and introspective in a way I haven’t seen in a while. Exploring sex, love, friendship, poverty, family and more, Bigger is able to balance all of the above, while incorporating fresh comedic devices that will leave you chuckling.


Bigger is currently available on BET+. We’ll keep you posted on the Season 2 premiere date, but if you still need to catch up on Season 1, you can sign up now for a BET+ account and start your free 7-day trial. Thank me later!

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I never heard of this show, until today. It being BET+ has a lot to do with it, since I haven’t seen any advertising about the network since their launch.