Big Driis, aka the DJ Version of Idris Elba, Creates Playlist to Uplift Black America

Idris Elba

"I suspect this is the beginning of some type of revolution for us," Idris Elba admitted as he processed what we're facing in the world right now.

Black America is going through some "troubling times," according to Elba and pretty much any and every headline in the news. From shootings of unarmed black people happening almost daily to mass shootings and shootings of police, we're in trouble. And while we are all fighting the good fight through peaceful protests ranging from hashtags to marches to banking black, there's no denying that we're in need of healing right now.


When I got a chance to sit down with Elba to chat about his latest role as Krall in Star Trek Beyond, I couldn't help turning the conversation to black America. And because music is a healer—and because Elba is not only one of the finest actors of our time but also DJ Big Driis—I asked Elba if he could offer a playlist to black America to help us heal, and he obliged.

Check out what he put on the playlist and the words of encouragement he offered to us all.

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