Beyoncé, Skilled Photobomber

Akoto Ofori-Atta
Beyoncé and fan (Tumblr)

(The Root) If Beyoncé is going to be perfect, she could at least be bad at taking photos. Geez.

At a concert in Australia, Beyoncé descended from her throne onstage to sing with her fans in the audience. A smart teenage girl moved quickly to capture the moment with her phone, and she ended up with the most epic selfie-slash-photobomb combination in the history of the world.

This image was lost some time after publication.

We should note that Bey did all of this while a) singing live, b) posing and c) shaking the hand of another fan. Check out the entire perfectly timed, orchesterated photobomb here.

And then Beyoncé posted the fan's photo on her own Facebook page. OK, so maybe Beyoncé didn't post it herself, but still, who is this woman?

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