Beyoncé’s Rep Says She’s Not Making a Movie About Saartjie Baartman

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Some people may be breathing a sigh of relief as a result of this bit of news. And we’re not talking about the Beyhive. On Monday, rumors surfaced detailing Beyoncé’s possible involvement in a movie about Saartjie Baartman, most commonly known as the Hottentot Venus. Baartman was a South African woman who was put on display against her will during the 19th century because of her large butt.

Everyone had their opinions about Beyoncé’s possible involvement, including a South African chief who said the R&B singer wasn’t worthy of writing or acting in a movie about Baartman. Others felt that Beyoncé’s lack of acting skills were more than enough reason for her not be involved.


Lucky for them, she’s not.

According to a representative for the singer, although it’s a story that should be told, she’s not going to be the one telling it.

“Beyoncé is in no way tied to this project,” her rep told Billboard. “This is an important story that should be told, however.”

As The Root reported Monday, the rumors did get a lot of people riled up. But now that Baartman’s story is in the spotlight, maybe someone else will get a hold of it and properly tell it.

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