Frank Gatson Jr. with Kelly Rowland at the 2015 Essence Festival in New Orleans July 4, 2015
Skip Bolen/Getty Images

Beyoncé’s longtime choreographer and creative director, Frank Gatson, is stirring up trouble among the chil’ren of Destiny.

He and Kelly Rowland are on a press run promoting their reality show, Chasing Destiny, which will have contestants competing for spots in an all-girl group. In an interview during the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Rowland was saying that she and the other members of Destiny’s Child were “very close” because “we’re all secure within ourselves.”


Then Gatson blurted out: “But those other two girls messed up the group, LaTavia and LeToya?”

“Oh, God,” Rowland said under her breath.

“They should have left that group,” Gatson continued. “That was a great group. And I think Michelle and Kelly and Beyoncé, they get it, you know, and that’s what we want to find. We want to find ladies that are like mafia.”

Rowland chimed in and expanded on Gatson’s thought: “Well, [ladies] that understand how important it is to be a great unit.”

Here went Gatson again: “And you can hate each other, but just get on the other bus and get your money, ya know?”


It seems like there will forever be conflicting reports coming out about why exactly three women went into Destiny’s Child and then got churned out.

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