Beyoncé, Queen of Benevolence, Is Re-Releasing Lemonade Across All Streaming Platforms

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Beyoncé knows that 2019 has been a shit show, so not only did she bless us with a Beychella documentary on Netflix, she’s also re-releasing the audio from her album Lemonade. A benevolent queen.

Per the lovely people over at Variety, your thirst will be quenched on Tuesday, April 23. So not only did Bey give you lovely people a documentary, coupled with a 40-track album, she’s making your lives easier by making her music more accessible to the folks who have run out of free Tidal subscription emails. Honestly, y’all don’t deserve Beyoncé.


Lemonade resonated in the hearts of many. “Formation” is still and forever THAT GIRL. The album gave you a look into the soul of our fave and we came out anew. The Grammys are known for making poor life choices when it comes to picking Album of The Year and Beyoncé, in my opinion, was robbed. Even the winner, Adele got on that stage and let the people know how impactful her body of work was.

Beyoncé has dominated the Super Bowl, HBO, Netflix, Coachella, the charts and our bank accounts; honestly, she’s on a whole other level of flourish—certainly higher than any of your faves. Being a Beyoncé fan is stressful, but it’s moments like these that make it all worth it. Now I shall go back to watching Beychella for the 567,438,472,498,249,724 time.

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