Beyoncé Performs at Indian Billionaire's Family Wedding Festivities

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Photo: Kevin Winter (GETTY IMAGES)

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter continues her lifelong practice of playing in our faces and just performed a mini-concert at a pre-wedding bash for the daughter of India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani.


Ambani’s daughter, Isha Ambani, has now set the bar for weddings unrealistically high. She’s had Beychella at her wedding. She’s won. That’s it. Game over. There’s really no competing with a woman who can say she had the reigning King of Music perform for her pre-wedding festivities. The only way one can top this is if they perform a seance and bring Michael Jackson back and have him perform Thriller.

Equipped with her talented team, Giselle hit the stage to perform tracks that we’ve all grown to love. Ambani got his money’s worth when the King performed tracks from her B’Day album. When she hit the stage and performed “Greenlight” is when I knew that this appearance wasn’t any small lump of change. I mean when your net worth is upwards of $42 billion, then securing acts like these really aren’t unfathomable.

I’ve had many goals in my lifetime, but never did I imagine that I would wake up and have a desire to have private Beyoncé concert money. Does Beyoncé do payment plans? Can I put a Beyoncé performance on layaway and have Tyler Perry come pay for it? God, I’ve seen what you’ve done for others, and I am ready.


But please remember this little fact if Beyoncé ever blesses my wedding festivities:

Chief Beyoncé Content Officer @ TheRoot. I aspire to be as steadfast & unmovable as Solange's wig. Former President of Hogwart's Black Student Union.


Friendly reminder that the Ambani family - worth around $50 billion - lives in a fucking 27-story tower surrounded by abject poverty.