Beyoncé and Jay Z in Miami

On Wednesday night, Miami’s Sun Life Stadium was all about Jay Z and Beyoncé’s On the Run Tour. The husband-and-wife duo launched their 16-date tour in Miami to a sold-out crowd—a crowd that burst into excitement as Beyoncé and Jay Z ran through a cloud of smoke and hit the stage for their performance of “Bonnie and Clyde.” 

Concertgoers got an extra-special glimpse into the personal life of the mega-entertainers. During the performances of “Forever Young” and “Halo,” a video showed intimate moments from their lives. Also displayed was footage from their private 2008 wedding, which showed Beyoncé wearing a simple traditional gown and veil, while Jay Z was in a tuxedo. People also got a few glimpses into their daily parenting routine with Blue Ivy.

“There were videos of Blue in the pool with her mom, walking holding hands with her parents, Jay Z kissing Blue,” an audience member told Us Weekly. “It was a sweet moment—Jay Z and Beyoncé were both facing the screen watching the Blue videos while they sang ‘Halo.’ It was like they were singing the song to their baby girl. The two of them were beaming, smiling, watching their little girl on the screen.


“It was incredible,” the audience member continued. “Jay Z said [we’re] ‘celebrating love tonight,’ and you could definitely see the love between him and Beyoncé on stage. Their chemistry is amazing.”

Despite reporting from various outlets about lackluster sales, the On the Run Tour is on track to become the second-most-successful tour of all time

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