Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Solange-Photo-Posting Spree on Instagram

Jay Z and Solange
Jay Z Instagram
Jay Z and Solange
Jay Z Instagram

What’s one way to show the public that you truly care about a family member and everything’s going to be all right? Post multiple photos of that person on Instagram, of course. In what looks like a gesture of “love” toward Solange Knowles, both Jay Z and Beyoncé have posted several photos of themselves posing with Solange during happier times.

By happier times I mean when Jay Z wasn’t on the receiving end of Solange’s flying fists and kicks of fury inside an elevator, but instead was sipping on some cognac and wine during an awards show:

Or when Jay Z and Solange were just chilling at a club:

Beyoncé, on the other hand, showed sisterly solidarity Wednesday morning by posting photos of the two embracing each other during their recent Coachella Festival performance:

As well as an older photo of the sisters from the early 2000s:

There’s no telling the meaning behind the Carters’ walk down memory lane, but on Tuesday Solange took a different approach by deleting all photos featuring Beyoncé from her Instagram account. 


As outsiders looking in at the relationship between the Carters and Solange, we may have family issues that aren’t that different from theirs. Imagine if every family fight you’d had was broadcast for the world to see! First would come the embarrassment, then the “cleanup.”

But that’s not to say that adults shouldn’t be held accountable for their violent reactions to situations. Hopefully this family is able to work things out and get back to whatever they consider “normal.” Because you know that what’s normal for your family may not be normal for another.

Yesha Callahan is editor of The Grapevine and a staff writer at The Root. Follow her on Twitter.

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