Beychella Named By Forbes, Vogue a Top Defining Moment In Pop Culture

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Greetings, big sister Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. Dean of Pledges. Snatcher of Edges. Wearer of Bundles. Is there anyway we can make your day better?


On April 15, 2018, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, the King of Music, snatched the remaining edges that we had and blessed us with #Beychella, which was yet another gift that our black asses didn’t deserve. The performance not only entertained, but it made history and thus was named one of Forbes’ moments that defined pop culture and also Vogue Magazine’s best moments in music in 2018.

And of course these magazines gave Bey her props. Not only was #Beychella the blackest performance that the California stage has ever received, it also was the first time a black woman blessed the festival as a headliner. Beyoncé set the bar high, and from here on out if you talk about 2018, #Beychella has to be mentioned somewhere in the conversation.

The iconic performance was so mesmerizing we all forgot it aired at an ungodly hour and that we still stayed up and watched every single second of it. A beat? It was not missed. Giselle not only entertained, she paid homage to HBCU culture and gave the unseasoned a taste of what it’s like to experience that we possess called black excellence. That woman clearly has vibranium in her lungs. I wonder if she’d share?

Like most years, 2018 was filled with its shares of highs and lows, but if it’s one thing I know, it’s that #Beychella was the best damn thing that happened this year, and for that we are grateful. Beyoncé doesn’t raise the bar, she is the bar. Period.


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I’d say that was Lemonade which is one of the more accessible modern womanist works but okay. Invading white spaces to gain white approval is the end goal for some people and it worked.